The Teaching Factory Concept:

Making the Car of Tomorrow 

14 – 23 July 2018


  • Summer Course 2018
  • Summer Course 2018
  • Summer Course 2018



In 2050 

Customer: Good morning, I would like a Tesla Roadster.
Seller: Take away or not?
Customer: Take away, please. I am on a hurry…
Seller: Ok sir, it will be ready in 5 minutes!

This will be a typical conversation in a few years since the application of the Digital Technologies to the Automotive Industry will not only decrease the required production time, but at the same time it will improve flexibility and quality of services.

So, are you ready to spend 10 unforgettable days in Patras, experiencing first hand the digital technologies that are transforming the manufacturing paradigm, using a Virtual Reality Cave to design, 3D printing and human-robot symbiotics to manufacture, Augmented Reality tools to assemble the Cyber-Physical Car of Tomorrow and simultaneously enjoy a lot of tzatziki nearby the sea under the Greek sun? If your answer is YES, don’t be shy, just apply to our awesome BEST Summer Course in Patras!

We are waiting for you back from the future!


Powered by:
Laboratory for Manufacturing Systems and Automation (LMS)
Department of Mechanical Engineering and Aeronautics
University of Patras

Associate Professor:
Mourtzis Dimitris


Formula Student

UoP Racing is the Formula Student team of the University of Patras. Founded in 2002, and supported throughout the years by the Laboratory for Manufacturing Systems & Automation,  we develop, design and manufacture a racing car that competes at the Formula Student series around the globe, alongside with hundreds of teams from all over the world. For more information click here.


With the support of University of Patras

The University of Patras was founded in the city of Patras in 1964 and it began functioning in the academic year 1966-67. Its creation contributed vastly to the decentralization of academic education in Greece. The University of Patras is the third largest University in Greece concerning the size of students potential, the faculty members, administrative personnel, number of departments, and accredited students titles. It includes 22 Departments, with a large number of sectors and consequently a great range of disciplines, which operate 112 laboratories and 14 clinics fully equipped. The University has 30,254 undergraduate and 3,825 postgraduate students. It enumerates 164 of faculty members, 238 of teaching staff, and 372 administrative personnel.


Judit Bogár

 Irene Castell

Ahmnet Demirci 

Veronica Di Pratola 

 Raul Ghisa

 Tatiana Kovaleva

Laura Llobet Genaro

Tuukka Löytynoja

Petr Machac

Nora Pap

Elena Pérez

Guilherme Pires

Vojtech Poriz

João Prata

Victor Rodshteyn

Javier Ruiz Fernández 

Adina-Maria Rus

Sara Stanczyk

Aleksandra Stanojevic

Sriram Venkatachalam

Melike Þengün

The Team

Local BEST Group of Patras

LBG Patras was born in 1990 and is one of the first members of the organization. Later, in chronological order, LBG Chania (TUC), LBG Athens (NTUA) and LBG Thessaloniki (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki) joined.

So the story of LBG Patras starts at the beginning of the last decade. Since then, our course has been continuous and increasing. This year, we celebrate 24 years in BEST and an equal number of seminars that have been organized. Also cultural exchanges, seminars and the highlight of course, the General Assembly (General Assembly, GA) in 1995 with 150 participants.

At the same time there has been an excellent cooperation with the University and all the technical faculties. More than 1500 students from Patras had the opportunity to participate in the BEST events around Europe, to learn what we call “BEST spirit” and make new friends. Thousands respectively were the ones who were hosted in Patras until now.


Core Team

Sofia Tsoupra

Academic Responsible

Angeliki Tsoupra

Main Organizer

Afroditi Stamatopoulou

Participant Responsible

Nikos Chrysovitsanos

Logistics Responsible

Vasilis Koufopanos

Transportation Responsible

Thomas Perifanos

Social Responsible

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